The construction of an room additions los angeles is the main construction task. In some respects, it is actually more extensive than building a new house to order. Why is this? Because adding a room requires all the same construction phases and subcontractors as building a house to order, as well as an additional phase of careful demolition. In addition, it requires additional complexity to ensure that it fits aesthetically and structurally well into an existing house. Therefore, when planning a room extension project, it is best to work with the architect during the design phase of the room extension and to hire a general contractor who will supervise the whole project. If the house extension project is relatively simple and the house owner has experience in housing construction and cooperation with subcontractors, then acting as a general contractor is a real possibility. Acting as your own general contractor can potentially save the owner of the house from 15 to 30% of the total cost of construction of additional rooms.

Setting goals for room expansion

The first step in planning a peace-building project is to understand what your goals are for a new living space. For example, it is a new living space to help support a growing family, and if so, whether the new space will be for a bedroom, a family room, or an extension of an existing room, such as an extension of a kitchen. A clear articulation of the purpose of an additional living space can help in another important element in the planning of a room extension.

Determining the project budget

Once you have a clear understanding of what you want to build on the house, then you need to set an upper budget line for the project, and this budget amount should cover ten percent of the emergency fund. So, the initial target projected total cost of the project should be set at ninety percent of what is the main budget. The Emergency Fund will help to provide you with a margin to complete the project in the event that costs are inevitably exceeded during the construction of the project.

Contact your local building inspector.

Contact your local building inspector to determine if there are any legal issues that could prevent you from building additional premises. For example, are there retroactive requirements, restrictions on party size, easements or covenants that would prevent you from building an addition to your home?

Hiring an architect

Using the services of an architect is not necessarily a big expense, depending on the type of addition to the room you imagine. An architect can provide a range of services for you, from providing you with construction plans to literal supervision of the entire construction project. For most homeowners, however, simply renting an architect to functionally design an addition to a room in such a way that it connects aesthetically to an existing house is sufficient.

Renting a general contractor

Obtain offers from several general contractors and then interview them to determine which one you think you can have the best chemistry working with regularly for two to three months.

Make sure to check references and not necessarily choose the lowest price offer. Look for offers that are fixed prices, accurate, and that include a detailed list of materials and planned milestones for completion, as well as clear payment terms. This way you will know in advance what you get in terms of quality of construction, when the project is completed and when you will have to pay for the services provided.

With regard to checking the references of your preferred general contractor, make sure to check his or her past and older clients, as well as the Better Business Bureau, state and contractor of the insurance company. Don’t leave a stone on the sidelines when you check a general contractor for such a large residential project.

Remember that the general contractor will hire all subcontractors for the room-adding project. The last thing you want to have a subcontractor by hitting a pledge on your home because of the general contractor without paying a sub. It is important that you make sure that you hire a reputable general contractor you can trust and rely on.

By following this simple set of initial planning steps you can help ensure that the room addition is built on time and on budget with minimal hassle.


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